New Electric Vehicles of Ford


We can see the increasing number of companies looking to make hybrids and fully electric vehicles soon. One of these companies is Ford that is now working on this electrified vehicle. This company already has the Fusion and Focus Hybrids on the go, but we got a report saying that Ford has 13 more models developing for the next five years. The report also tells us about Ford’s plan for developing supporting technology to make the transition easier, like a wireless charging to make it easier when recharging the electrified vehicle. The President and CEO of Ford said that their investment and expanding lineup are the reflections of their view about the global offerings of the electrified vehicle that will exceed gasoline-powered cars within the next 15 years. Recently, we’ve got the reports about the hybrid versions of F150 and Mustang that have been announced officially. This investment is a move that is actually driven by customer demand as well as the need to meet fuel efficiency standard. Well, we are so enthusiastic to see all the 13 new electric vehicles of Ford which are planned for the next five years.
Speaking about Ford’s plan for the 13 new electric vehicles of Ford, here are what we’ve got to share here. Let’s see what are there on Ford’s plans for the next five years related to the electrified vehicles in the section below:

An Expansion of Flat Rock Plant and a new CUV

Here is the start of the hypes about Ford’s plans for the next five years. The first among these is an entry into the current crossover market with a CUV that is also said to have a 300-mile range. This crossover will have a wide distribution in America, Asia, and also Europe, although it is not set to launch until 2020. The creation of the CUV is actually the driving force behind a $700,000 expansion of Flat Rock Plant in Michigan. It is the plant that will also be the base of operations for the autonomous vehicle ride-hailing. It sounds so exciting to wait whatever that may come out from the company anytime soon.

Development of two new police hybrids

The tough duty of the police when handling first-class bandits on the road requires vehicles with the most excellent technology. Regarding this need, now there are two hybrid vehicles that are being developed for law enforcement across the country. These hybrid vehicles are rated for pursuit, but because of their nature, the details for the general public are scarce. The only part of this car that we know is the place where this vehicle will be assembled in their Assembly Plant in Chicago. Furthermore, about it, we just cant wait to see more when it is officially released by the company.

Exclusive Plug-In Hybrid for European

In the European market, this year (2017) is set to be an exciting year for those who are eco-conscious. The testing of a new plug-in in a hybrid version of what is called as the Transit Custom will be seen in this region. Based on what we heard recently, these are scheduled to start sales in next two years in 2019, after having an almost two years long trial period. It will be really surprised to us if finally, we get it earlier than the speculated time.

Hybrid Taxis for Multiple Major Cities

Recently, we’ve found a small fleet of hybrid taxis in nearby New York which is set to begin testing to reduce large city emission. For a start, there will only be 20 models in this trial run, but later we’ll see the other major cities included in the list. Regarding this hybrid taxis for multiple major cities, we don’t have any speculations since the autonomous tech will also be tested in these cities as well.

Six More Models to be undisclosed by 2022

What we have mentioned here are not all of what we will get from Ford in the next five years. Some information is telling us that beyond those that have been mentioned here, Ford still has six more models in development right now. Ford seems to keep it tight and wrapped so that we don’t have many leaks about it. They have been tight-lipped about these apparently because they are part of the five years, $4.5 billion plan. The combined front of the thirteen planned electrified vehicles are set to add a significant amount of options to the company’s offerings.

When it comes to the planned electric vehicles, Ford is somewhere in the middle of the pack. We can see this company doesn’t set the pace like Toyota, nor is it a laggard like Fiat Chrysler. There is some challenges for electrified vehicles sale, such as the low gasoline prices and also the consumer fear of being stranded when their batteries run out. Therefore, Ford needs to educate those people of the advantages of each type of vehicle, especially these electric cars.